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Quickslider Not Picking Up Assigned Slides

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I had one Quickslider assigned to the universal wrap and then I cloned this to add another one. I selected the slides for the second one for special pages categories and went back and assigned them on a few previous individual posts. But when I write a new post using this template with the two Quicksliders the second Quickslider defaults to using all of the slides of the first one. When I edit this in the Pagelines section Quickslider 2 doesn't have any slides assigned but when the post is viewed it displays Quickslider 1's slide for both Quicksliders.


Up to this point with just the one Quickslider, whenever I wrote a post and assigned the template with the Quickslider it displayed the slides I had assigned, I didn't have to put them in again. Shouldn't the second Quickslider work the same way?


Here is the link to one of the posts that's not working: http://www.whidbeylifemagazine.org/sue-the-screenwriter-on-the-fight-for-characters/





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Yes, you're right. The second quickslider should work the same way. Please try deactivating all active non-PageLines plugins to see if the problem persists.

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