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Change Colour Of Footer Text

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zhonghao    1

Hi I am wondering if someone may be able to advise the simplest way to change the colour of the text in the footer of Pagelines Framework - I have the latest release. Thanks.

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batman    389

Hi zhonghao

You can go to

Pagelines > Site Option > Color Control

and change

Footer Text Color


Also you can try add in

PageLines > Site Options > Custom Code > CSS Rules

or in

Pagelines Customize (plugin)

Some CSS rules

It is advisable to learn how to do this on your own too.  

Check out http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/Custom_CSS


If you need more CSS help, make sure you've downloaded Firebug for Firefox

and check out W3 Schools for more info. 



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Rob    547

Let us know if Batman's answer works for you.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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zhonghao    1

Durghhhh don't know how I missed that ! Guess I must have stared at the screen once too often too long ! Thanks very much guys.

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