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Plugins Affecting Pagelines?

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I have been workign on a site in conjunction with the client. The feature box, and several widgets no longer appear on the site, but are set in the theme options exactly as they were prior to activating several plugins. I have some ideas about which plugins might be affecting it, but before I go in and start the task of de/re-activating, I wanted to ask all of the pagelines experts. It's also possible that since I'm new-ish to Pagelines, I'm just missing something that might be obvious to all of you. If you can see something I'm missing, please let me know. Any help is appreciated!

Here is the site: dstone129.net.

Using Pagelines 2.3.2

WP Version- 3.4.2

Here is a list of plugins-- any known bugs with these? AdPress

Ad Squares Widget Advanced Text Widget CKEditor for WordPress

Easy Table


Form Maker

Image Widget Recent Posts Plus

s2Member® Framework

WP-Table Reloaded

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There aren't any conflicts that I know of with these plugins. Sometimes it depends on the combination of plugins (for example maybe WP-Table Reloaded isn't playing nicely with Easy Table). You'll need to deactivate each one and see for sure.

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