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Leonardo da Vinci

How Can I Put/show All My Blog Categories In A One Single Page

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Leonardo da Vinci

Hi supports

Please can you help me with this

How can I put/show all/some my blog categories in a one single page , so any visitor can see all my categories and choose any category he wants to see it's posts.


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This can be done, but it has its risks.

Without category breakdown, the solution is to go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and under "Blog pages show at most" change the number to something like 1000 posts. The blog page will then display up to 1000 posts.

With specific category breakdown it gets much more complex. You will need Special Recent Posts plugin. Create a new page and write a list of each category.

Craft the custom shortcode for Special Recent Posts for each category, using the category's ID number and a high number of posts (like 200). Paste the shortcode for each category below its title on the page in HTML view. Also wrap the title in an h2 tag for SEO purposes.

I must advise that having a high number of posts display in one page can cause the page to load very slowly.

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