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How Do You Guys Do Backups Of Your Wordpress Site?

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randybrown    1

Just wondering how you guys do your backups to WordPress and its associated database(s).

I had installed a plug-in that was reported to do the backups. But when I recently updated the plug-in, it broke my website. Obviously, there are some plug-ins that work better with PageLines than others.

I'm wondering which back-up plug-ins you guys use that you've found work smoothly with WordPress when PageLines is laid on top.

Or is there a better way to backup the site......you know.....just in case.

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Rob    547

The very best way to backup your site is via your hosting company's backup services, which will back up absolutely everything.

You can use PageLines to backup theme settings via Dashboard > PageLines > Dashboard > Import-Export. You may also export WordPress via Dashboard > Tools > Export, but together, these fail to export critical content like images, databases, server settings, etc.

Backup plugins generally only backup WP content, not the database and not PageLines or its settings.

Others may have better suggestions.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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