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My homepage (www.janpeeters.nl) is a static page with a Masthead and AnythingBoxes section with the latest posts form my blog page. There is no other text in the page. Yoast SEO plugin reads the page to give advice on how to optimise my page for SEO. Because the two sections are not taken into account it reports that there is no text on the page.

I'm wondering and trying to find out how I can fix this. Adding text that I don't need on that page won't be a solution.

It feels like Yoast SEO only reads the text in the main text field on the page where it generates it's report and doesn't know how to include the various sections on that page.

Or is there something that can be altered in the Framework to include the text from sections into SEO plugins reports?

Thanks, Jan

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You kind of answered yourself already, Yoasts SEO only looks at whats in the excerpt and content boxes.

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Hi Simon,

I figured such an answer, but I also wrote... "and trying to find out how I can fix this". I hoped someone in this forum knew of a way how to fix it via a workaround in Framework or another SEO plugin.

Thanks, Jan

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Jan, sorry for the delay replying to this.

I've found that SEO plugins only do just so much for improving a site's placement. Keep in mind, if your competitors also use SEO plugins or SEO services, they're going to have the same advantage you have and the search engines can't prioritize everyone.

WordPress has built in SEO functionality... specifically, the Excerpt field being key to this. Having a unique excerpt has helped my placement greatly and it's easy to do. Tags are important for your internal search, but only for that. Original content is key.

There are other SEO plugins, and many SEO services (very pricey) but for what you fundamentally need, I found WP itself is enough. So the solution is to deactivate Yoast's SEO and delete it.

Read up on how to optimize your Wordpress site without plugins and Google that phrase. You'll find tons of solid advice that will help.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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