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Changing "carat" Color In Navbar

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There is a caret in the navbar to indicate that you should click to see the dropdown menu. I am struggling to change its color in the CSS - but I can't figure out where the style is being set. Advice please?

Here's the path to the element...

html.mti-repaint > body.home.page.page-id-16.page-template-default.logged-in.admin-bar.custom.responsive.pagelines-template-theme.default.full_width.prettify-on.pagename-home.desktop.firefox.customize-support > div#site.fullwidth > div#page.thepage > div.page-canvas > header#header.container-group > div.outline > section#navbar.container.no_clone.section-navbar.fix > div.content > div.content-pad > div.navbar.fix.navbar-content-width.pl-color-trans > div.navbar-inner > div.navbar-content-pad.fix > div.nav-collapse.collapse > ul#menu-main.font-sub.navline.pldrop.pull-left > li#m1.page_item.page-item-31.dropdown > a.dropdown-toggle > b.caret

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I just looked at contactpoint.pacific.edu and did not see any carets for the drop down menu items. Where are the ones you want to recolor?

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Try this:

.navbar .navline .caret {

border-top-color: rgba(144, 0, 0, 1);


Specify the rgb color of your choice.



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Thanks for sharing Brasesco!

Please search our forums, before posting!

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