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I have a major problem. I have a server with five or six sites on it. All the sites are wordpress and all use either Platform Pro or the Pagelines framework. Last week four of the six sites just disappeared. The info is still on the sever. I had made no changes recently nor had I added any plug-ins. I Have called the server support to make sure the server is operating correctly and they assured me it was.

I don't know where to check next. I was hoping that you knew of some issue with either the framework or Platform Pro that may cause an incompatibility or something.

Sites that work are: http://worldmissionbuilders.com , http://churchgrowthministries.net ,

Sites that don't work: http://repurposeboutique.com , building4.net

Sites that I have managed to repair but I don't know how: http://inzanedesigns.com , http://prisonchapelinc.com

All the folks at 1and1 told me was there must be a script error. But I just don't know how or where.


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enable WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php to show the errors.

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      after a long time i've eventually decided to upgrade to dms from pagelines.
      I've followed the "upgrading and migrating instructions", after i uploaded dms and activated it, the web site is now completely blanck. I cannot even access wordpress dashboard.
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