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Text In Box Only Displaying In "bold".

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Loving the options we're getting with our first Pagelines-based site. We're almost done, and on the last page I am running into a challenge;

We are adding boxes to the "staff" page. Picture on the left, text on the right.

Problem : I can not get the text in the box to be regular. It only displays as bold. (see on the bottom, the rest is just testing and formatting - pardon my french ;) )

I have created this box like all the others before, then deleted and redid it to test, but the bold remains. Then I swore, then I checked the forum.

Any idea what may be causing this?


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Somewhere in your code, the following exists:

strong {

    font-weight: bold;


To resolve it, please add the following to your Custom Code in CSS Rules:

.fboxtext  strong {

    font-weight: normal;


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How would this one be different than the other 41 boxes created before? I have created a 2nd one on the same page, again, bold everything.

I'll take a look at the fix you suggest- I just like to understand the cause too.

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Oh, and thanks for providing a solution, help is always appreciated!

Just curious to understand what may have caused this sudden change; as it was not intended, nor was anything added or adjusted to CSS overnight by anyone working on the site.

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The only reason why all the text in a box would be bold, is incorrect markup such as <strong> Some Text <strong> if you're missing / at the end, it will cause issues.

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Hi Danny,

We came to the same conclusion yesterday. One of the boxes had an unclosed <strong> tag, and every box saved or created after that was compromised - regardless of which page it was on. We found the right box, adjusted, and the others were fixed. The tags had been entered manually, in the HTML input part of the box creation.

Is there any way to have such a thing corrected in a future update? Would make sense to have boxes relatively independent from each other, no?

While we're at it, any way to make the boxes cooperate more with things like "return"? When entering text, hitting return or shift+return does not skip a line in the published text, which is why we had to go into the HTML in the first place. Would be great if we didn't have to. ;)

Glad we found it, and glad you confirmed it, though, thanks!


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You may add the markup issue to tracking:

As for the boxes/enter/return issue, the Boxes uses the WordPress editor, which is out of our control, but are you switching from HTML view to Visual view then updating the page or staying in HTML view and updating?

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