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    • miramax
      By miramax
      We just upgraded to DMS v1.0.3 and the Content Box section (which we used extensively) is no longer available.  What happened?
    • macooney
      By macooney
      I've searched around, but still cannot find an answer to this missing argument error for content box. 
      Recently installed DMS. - was using Framework prior.
      Any help would be appreciated. Using Revo theme - but error occurs in basic DMS, too.
      "Warning: Missing argument 1 for PageLinesContentBox::section_template(), called in .... "
      please see attached screen shot.  
      I don't know anything about code - which is why I like this idea of drag and drop - but when something goes wrong.... I rock back and forth and sob. 
      Thanks in advance...
      Hosted on GoDaddy
      Theme Revo with 2 Widgets
      You are using WordPress 3.6. 
    • helvetik_a
      By helvetik_a
      Hi, i have several problems to select elements like the content box etc with css and style them....
      I have this content-box clone in the footer area and it's not reacting at all...
      the selectors are:
      (A List)
      I tried to desactivate all plugins but there is no change....Is there maybe a permission problem?
      THX Corina
    • nandorj78
      By nandorj78+
      Is there a way to have different content boxes?
      I cloned mine hoping to be able to have a different content in the new one, but it simply copied the original one.
    • joshua22
      By joshua22
      Hey Guys and Gals -
      How is everybody? 
      I have a new question for you. I am pretty sure it is simple and I am just missing it. On my site tcihotels.com, I have a full page background picture of the ocean; its the first page you see when you got to the site. I can add content but you cant read because the background is overwhelming the text.
      I want to be able to have the full page background pic, while also having the normal content box, For example: http://atlantisvacations.com/  This site has a full page background as well as the the content box where all the content is readable.
      How can I accomplish this using pagelines? I would like to have full page caribbean themes on my pages
      Thank you