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Good Working Thumbnail Slideshow Plugin For Photographers Pro Page

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hi folks, i'm searching for a real good working plugin for a photographer pro website.

1. ) it should work with javascript - no flash

2.) slideshows with thumbnails and navigation - start stop forw., backw.

3.) management of large amount of images 300+ in high quality - most helpful with picture sets organized in folders

4.) possibility to upload large amount of images, change picture orders, delete single images, add new images to a slideshow

5.) it could be a premium plugin, although most premium plugins are not worth the money (except pagelines plugins of course :)

I have tested several ones - like:

Raygun SlideShow Pro (Premium Plugin) - breaks down after 160 pictures and confuses images during

the upload - and the media library will soon messed up. if you want to raygun your wordpress choose this plugin! useful maybe for some small slideshows, but why not use the pagelines feature slider for that.

SliderPro if you want it complex with individual config. for effects and text for each slide use this. human side effects: stress-related headache

NextGEN useful and great image management - i love it but no thumbnail slideshows without flash

Pagelines Feature

Can't use that, you have to upload single images and thumbnails all in the media library.

howdy to all code ninjas: plugin for that would be great - connect it with image management of nextGEN.

SlideShow Pro Director - Module + WordPress Plugin

that seems to be for pros - with adobe lightroom integration. flash and Javascript for iPad & co.

Any experiences with that????

Conclusion: There is no useful pro photograpers wp plugin...

and i hope i'm wrong!

Help me please with your experiences!

cheers, peter

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I've never used any so I can't provide my experiences with them but you may want to try gathering some photography websites (that are hosted using self-hosted WP) with slideshows you like and ask them how they accomplished them. Although, in some cases, some slideshows were probably generated with other third party solutions that aren't WP plugins.

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