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Whitehouse Pro

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Where can I purchase and download WhiteHouse Pro?

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James B

Hi there, I'm afraid Whitehouse Pro is one of our legacy themes and no longer available for purchase. If you're currently on the Pagelines Framework you can recreate the design using the Framework with the addition of the new drag and drop features/sections.

Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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    • rhondace
      By rhondace+
      I am running Whitehouse Pro version 3.0.7.  I would like to update to version 6 but am worried this will break my website.  Can I hire premium support from someone at pagelines to do the update for me?  My website is drdansfreedomforum.com.
      Thank you,
    • suncasamaccom
      By suncasamaccom
      Hi, I purchased Whitehouse Pro Pagelines Wordpress template years ago. The website is now showing a watermark for Pagelines on each page. It looks horrible. How do I remove it???
      Thank you! Website is www.northflhypnotherapy.com
    • dgsarnow
      By dgsarnow+
      I have a standard DMS license (the $99 annual version). Our expiry date is coming up and I want to renew it before I go away on holiday. Do I have to buy a new one and replace the key? Can I just renew the one I have?
      There isn't any documentation or contacts details for sales that I can find anywhere. Anyone have an idea about how to address this?
    • vanessabt
      By vanessabt+
      I need some help. I was almost finished designing a site for a client last night on my local drive when I was adding some stuff to sections that were already present and when I saved it deleted other sections and the section won't render not in the editor where i want to put it.  I thought it was just my local drive so I created a subdomain as a demo site and transferred the site, but I am still having the problem.
      I don't want to touch any more pages in case I lose all the sections again.
      here is the site http://otapdemo.1201llc.com/.  I am trying to make the home page looks like the "who we work with page" by using the pl next box on the right and then a coding the facebook feed in the pl next box under the image.
      but the pl next box won't stay there.  It will show in the editor but either moves the content if you look at it not in the editor or it doesn't show up!  i also had 3 media boxes under those main sections that had clickable images that changed images when you hovered over them and they disappeared as well.
      when i try to add a section on the homepage it duplicates.  I am pretty much at my breaking point with this as I have spent a lot of hours and have been pretty frustrated. Not sure if it this theme or dms.  I used whitehousepro6 theme this time because it had the look and functionality in the slider pieces that I wanted. And I thought it would be easier just to build this simple site and use a little customization that way.
      But i had to customize the navigation and still can't figure out how to get the blue lines to go away.  In additions I will be putting in a custom footer (which was already there but also disappeared!)
      here is the original site we built on our platform http://www.noapebble.com/pebble-061/and we are moving it because our platform is not user friendly for the client to go in and change content.  but the home page you see there is exactly what my home page looked like on pagelines. except all my section areas keep getting pushed out and deleted.  
      The other problem I had was that I tried to upload my cloud background but depend on the length of the page it ended up just stretching and distorting the background image... still trying to figure out how to deal with that as well.
    • tinsky
      By tinsky
      Hi Aleksander
      I went to have a look at your Better IBoxes plugin for DMS and completed the survey and received a code to enter it but it doesn't work.  I tried using on the pagelines site where the code wasn't recognised and also at your own online shop but went as far as the payment section but found no field for it.
      Is this still an offer since you have a link to it from the pagelines promotion page?