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Hi, I want to use the same feature image at the top of my blog post template (http://www.appliedmindfulnesstraining.org/the-network/) as I am using on my blog (http://www.appliedmindfulnesstraining.org/presence-the-ground-of-mindfulness/) template.

Very frustrating. I can't even locate where it is pulling the feature it is using.

Any help would be great. Thanks

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To clarify, you are referring to feature images (thumbnails) and not feature slides. Correct? I know it gets confusing (for everyone).

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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    • robertgourley
      By robertgourley+
      Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way.  I was hoping to create a template, then call the posts/page feature image as a hook/shortcode to display that above the rest of the page loop.
      What I'm specifically trying to do is have a full-width featured image, then a container with the post loop and side bar below. But I want the full-width image to be dynamically pulled from whatever post/page is using the template.
    • canadvo
      By canadvo
      Our organization would like a section on just one of our category pages which would filter posts in that category by tag. It seems that everything I've read--on these forums, pagelines documentation and other wordpress forums--has said it is impossible to customize the layout of a specific category page differently from the others, meaning that all category pages will appear the same (apart from using a plugin like widget logic).

      So I'm trying to figure out if I did the "impossible" with DMS2, and want an opinion on whether I should assume this change will hold.
      The images I'm linking each show a different category layout from our dev site. The first one is the layout that all of the categories use. This is a snap of the "Blog" category. There is a set DMS template called "Blogtest" assigned to this layout.

      The second image is the "News" category page that I seemed to have successfully customized.
      How I did this: I unlinked the "News" category page from the "Blogtest" template and I changed the scope from type to local. Then I added/removed some sections and edited the meta bar on the post loop section to clearly distinguish the layout from the other categories.

      Is this something that is known to be possible? Is changing the scope from type to local the magic fix?
      Our dev site is not accessible to the public due to our firewall, but I could whitelist an IP for a mod. If one of you want to take a closer look, PM me.

      Website URL: testsite.canceradvocacy.org (not publicly accessible)
      Framework Version: DMS
      WordPress Version: 4.0
      Plugins in Use: Don't have a list, don't know if any of them would be at all relevant.
      Server/Host: Litespeed
    • Claude203
      By Claude203
      I would like to left justify the feature thumbnail in the blog post summary, to the left of the title and excerpt, as in the attached image. Thank you.
    • alisamski
      By alisamski+
      Having issues when sharing a blog post to facebook. The feature image does not show up when about to share. Happening on two sites. Here is one:
      Used to be able to select an image if there were multiples.
      Please advise.
    • compassl
      By compassl
      Im sure you have seen wordpress templates where you can upload a featured image on a page and it shows up in the header above the content. I would like to do this with in dms. I didnt see a featured image component and in the post loop component is said something about thubnail for post but that is certainly different than featured image for page.   Featured images are uploaded in the page editor so we need a compontent that contains the php to call the image.