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I'd like to create a custom page template that removes all of the content and allows me to just display comments on that page, I'd also like to modify what the comment text says, so instead of 'leave a reply' i'd like "leave a testimonial' etc. I've created a custom page type in my child theme however all that is in there is. setup_pagelines_template(); Where and how do i access what I need in order to modify what content shows?

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Well, you can use one of the templates (Template 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) and in PageLines > Drag & Drop > Content Area, you'll make sure Comments are added.

Then, as you create your page, hide the PostLoop on that one page. Please see: http://www.pagelines...m_Page_Template

The language for the comments section, I believe, comes from WordPress, not PageLines. http://wordpress.org...f-leave-a-reply

Our developer suggests this is associated with the information in the link above:

function comment_reform ($arg) {

$arg['title_reply'] = __('Submit a comment:');

return $arg;



Where and how do i access what I need in order to modify what content shows?

On the page's PageLines Meta Settings.

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