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Hello - read other posts on the forum concerning adding custom sidebars but cannot fathom where I'm going wrong here - would really appreciate being pushed in the right direction...

I have added two custom sidebars using the following method:

register_sidebars(2, array('name'=>'content%d')); added to the functions.php file (via the pagelines-customize plugin)

I have also duplicated (twice) the universal sidebar ‘sb_universal’ folder in the sections folder of the pagelines theme, having altered the code to reflect the new sidebar names (content1 and content2)

This gives me two new sidebars, visible in the drag and drop section entitled ‘content1’ and ‘content2’ (I have dragged these into place – above and below the content on pages and categories - in the drag and drop section of the pagelines admin - I specifically want them to be top/bottom of main content for both static and special pages)

It also gives me 2 sidebars with the right names added underneath the pagelines specified sidebars in the appearance-widgets area of the CMS – I have dragged my desired widget into these sidebars but when I view the site it shows the sidebars as being empty – my widget (an ad place) does not show up.

Viewing the front end shows the following for each sidebar position

"This is your content1 sidebar but it needs some widgets!

Easy! Just add some content to it in your widgets panel."

Although I have already added widgets to these new sidebars - feels like I am really close to achieving what I need but must be making a really stupid error somewhere - any ideas please?

many thanks in advance, Matt

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Hi Matt, well it sounds like you're doing it right. Could you take a screen shot of the drag and drop pages for us and for the widget page so we can just double check the set up.

I've looked at the site link you provided, i can only see two holding widgets at the top, if you could set up a test page with the 'enter widget' data on we could have a look at too.

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Thanks for coming back to me James. I've attached the screenshots you ask for below and updated the site link to show my new sidebars on all pages/categories - they both appear where I want them to, but showing the 'add some content' message

thanks Matt




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Hi again, I can't see anything from the screenshots which would seem obvious. I'll talk to one of the developer team on this for you and come back to you with a response. In the meantime, could you set us up an admin level user role and DM the details to me. Then we can go in and take a look at the setup first hand and see if there's anything that needs adjusting. I'm Uk based but work through the evening, so if there's a delay in response that's why.

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Thanks James - due to a looming deadline, I sought help from one of the pro developers - he fixed the problem for me but I notice that my pagelines dashboard now shows 'developer edition' (instead of 'professional' as it did previously) - I have since moved the site install to a new domain but the pagelines dashboard appears not to have survived the move - nor indeed does the work that the pro carried out for me. Have I done something stupid or is this because the pagelines framework has in some way been upgraded during this pro work - do I need to upgrade my own license now?

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Please email and include the name of the Pro you used. They'll determine if a license upgrade is necessary. Unfortunately, we don't handle business issues here; only technical support. Our business support team will be in Monday, despite the holiday.

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