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White House Pro - Setting Home Page To Show Posts

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Hello, on my site www.LiberalizeBankruptcy.org, I want all the posts to go to the home page. However, when i set this up in themes >> customize appearance, it put the contents of the other pages onto the home page instead of the post. Ie. it takes the contents of the about page and contact page and puts them on the home page as if were the posts. I want a home page to make the site more intuitive to take people home where they can see the lastest posts. The only way i can get the posts to show is by choosing Your Latest Posts on static page but then it doesnt give any option for homepage. You have to click on the site name to get home.

How do you control where the posts go as well.


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First, make sure you don't have a static homepage by visiting Dashboard > Settings > Reading to see if 'A static page' is selected. If that's the case, select Your latest posts and save.

You may need to look at the settings for WHPro to see if there's any template settings you may have missed.

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