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Features Slide Remove Shadow And Stop When Video Is Playing

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Hi there!

1. How can i remove the shadow down the features? (give me please css code cause i try but i don't find it)

2. i have embed a video but if the slide is automatic .. during playing video.. the slide go on.. how control this like until the video is finish the slide stop (don't suggest a play button cause is not automatic.. i need something automatic)

Thanks fo fast reply

See it here: http://www.stefanoferruggiara.com/corsi-sulle-microespressioni-emozioni-e-bugie/#fake_link

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Hi Stefano

You can try with

#feature_slider #feature-area {box-shadow: none;}

The other I don´t know


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Stefano, here's the element and current code. Change it as you see fit:

#feature_slider #feature-area {

    background: url("http://www.stefanoferruggiara.com/wp-content/themes/pagelines/sections/features/images/black-linen.png") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

    box-shadow: 0 2px 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3), 0 0 15px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5) inset;

    display: block;

    overflow: visible;

    position: relative;

    width: 100%;


I suggest removing the " in the URL above and also, possibly replacing the background image (to get rid of the black box), and batman's suggestion for

box-shadow: none; is correct.

As for the video, as you know, I do not recommend the feature slider for videos unless they're very short. Individual slides cannot be set to have a longer time than other slides, but we do have other sliders now that focus specifically on videos. Have you see them?

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