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    • Adrianna Lima
      By Adrianna Lima+

      I just finished my website. Now i want to start adding css for ie7, where do i start for basic width and column. i am not using pageline dms plugins. Only widgetized.

    • edcramer
      By edcramer
      I 've made a home page www.lean2succes.nl with a quickslider and boxes. The quickslider doesn't show properly in IE7 and IE8: the images do not show, you only get an empty frame with a red cross in the top left corner.
      Is it possible to fix this?
      A message to IE 7 and IE8 users that they do not see the site properly would be a could alternative to a real fix.
      I hope anyone can help me with this.
      Thank you!
      Kind regards,
      Ed Cramer
    • callmestupidbut
      By callmestupidbut
      Hi there
      I'm using the Browser Specific CSS plugin to fix a whole range of issues in IE7.
      The first issue I want to fix is the width. It's a responsive site, but the maximum width doesn't work in IE7 so everything becomes stretched. I want to add a fixed width to the site for IE7 users, so I've added:
      body.ie7{width:924px} It works for a split second, then jumps back to full width.
      I've tried adding !important, but it just does the same.
      I've tried different CSS like changing text alignment and, again, it changes briefly, but jumps back as if something else is overwriting the CSS.
      I'm using a child theme and adding the CSS into the style.css, rather than custom code.
      Thanks in advance
    • basmati
      By basmati
      Hi Folks,

      we are working on a page.

      IE 9 and IE 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari looking good, but there are lots of errors in IE 7 and IE 8!

      The settings in Pagelines (latest version).

      Branding and feature should be on one line and above the nav, the jquery menu with search field beyond - the footer should float to the right.
      Just have a look on the live link above - with a normal modern browser and you'll see...

      It could have something to do with the float bug in IE 7,
      unfortunately i'am not a code ninja!

      But i need one.

      thanks for any ideas...

      its seems to be a larger problem ...

      i am using IE Enhancer and Modernizer Plugin
      but that fixes only some problems...