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    • Digital805
      By Digital805
      Updating background color does nothing in editor. Is there a way to make simple changes NOT use the editor? It appears to not work. I just want a white background.
      I really would like the layout to be the same as vs 3.
      Here is my site in vs. 3 of WHPro: http://globalebookawards.com/
      Here is the new one: http://globalebookawards.com/new/
      I'm sure the client will prefer the boxed layout.
    • tjolin
      By tjolin+
      Hi all, 
      Anyone knows how to disable the transparency on the "translate on scroll" animation? 
      Been going crazy trying to edit this for the last couple of weeks. 
    • WebEditor
      By WebEditor
      my company would like to have a menu (NavBar) on the Quickslide, exactly over the images of it. 
      Is it possible to make it, perhaps with a css code?
      Thank you very much
    • sakkthi subramaniyam
      By sakkthi subramaniyam
      I tried to change the header background color above navigation menu to black with custom css. Still a portion comes white in header.
      #header { background-color: black; }   http://d.pr/i/LGKx
      http://d.pr/i/9fK0 white color remains
    • spacle2xl
      By spacle2xl
      Hi and Good day.
      I have attached a screenshot in this post. Please, I want to change the blue there to a shade of red... just same with the active bg color on the nav bar cus am not using anything blue on my design.
      I kinda used google developer tools to locate this
      .dropdown-menu li.current-menu-item > a {.....
      So I added this in the custom CSS section on pagelines
      #menu li .dropdown-menu li.current-menu-item > a { background-color: #cc0033; }
      But it didn't work. I know I got it wrong... Please help. Thanks