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Fatal Error Message

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Hi I have been building a Pagelines site for a client and was 99% done when they requested a weather plugin. I found on on WP forum.....called Skysa Weather for Us and uploaded and installed it. It worked fine --- the only problem was that It was in Fahrenheit and not Celsius and there were no setting to change it --- so I had to find another one. When deleting it from the WP plugins I got a Fatal error message which reads like below. I cannot get into my backend now....the same message appears....trying to find the "errors_log" in my cpanel...do you know where it is located in the pagelines template set up on a cpanel and you have any suggestions as to how I might clear this message as the cpanel shows that the plug in has been removed...and the site is still there..

Help... :(

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This is a public forum, do not post your wp-config.php, it contains your database username/password. (see edit history)

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Are you able to get to your site at all? When I click on your site in your profile I get an error. Please confirm the link to the site we should be checking.

Mackenzie - PageLines Help Desk

The Centsible Family - Writer, Photographer and Coffee Addict


Kindly search this forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

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    • dbrowne02
      By dbrowne02+
      Hey, this looks like a great product. Thank you for making it!
      Unfortunately, when I activated plugin, I got this error. Thanks in advance for helping with this. 

      Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wmHtmlEditorEnable() (previously declared in /home/dbrowne02/brownelaborlaw.com/wp-content/plugins/enhanced-options-editor/enhanced-options-editor.php:14) in /home/dbrowne02/brownelaborlaw.com/wp-content/plugins/enhanced-options-editor/enhanced-options-editor.php on line 15
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      I was backing up a client's site and noticed their error log was extremely large, when I looked at it I see the same error repeating without end:
      PHP Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, first array member is not a valid class name or object in .../public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 505 Line 505 of plugin.php reads
      call_user_func_array($the_['function'], array_slice($args, 0, (int) $the_['accepted_args'])); Does anyone know what's going on or how I can figure out how to fix it?
      The site is http://www.beatricevalenzuela.com/
      WordPress 4.0.1 running PageLines Framework 2.4.5
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      After preview OR activation of the Bespoke Theme 1.0.1 an internal error 500 occurs. Wp debug states: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class EditorStoreFront in /var/www/[...]/wp-content/themes/jg-bespoke/dms/editor/editor.api.php on line 7.
      This happen on a clean webserver (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server 64bit, Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu), MySQL5.5.40-0ubuntu0.14.04.1, PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.5, Wordpress 4.0) and neither
      Wordpress plugins are installed nor .htaccess files are placed.
      Can anybody help me?
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      For some reason, when I go to the home page of my client's site, it's showing the following error:
      Fatal error: Call to undefined function setup_pagelines_template() in /home/p1sivng/public_html/wp-content/themes/pagelines/page.alpha.php on line 24
      I tried disabling other plugins, but that didn't help. I changed enabled debug mode, but it didn't display any additional information.
      In the error log, it's showing the following line:
      PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function setup_pagelines_template() in /home/p1sivng/public_html/wp-content/themes/pagelines/index.php on line 50
      I am using PageLines Framework version 2.4.5
      Wordpress version 4.0
      The URL is: http://www.printadvertisingusa.com
      Any ideas what this could be?