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    • Valentina
      By Valentina+
      When putting a background color in some section and go to save, pageline like that it stays locked and does not allow you to save the changes made and sends an error to the console.
      (Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on iris prior to initialization; attempted to call
      method ''toggle).

    • dawsonbarber
      By dawsonbarber+
      Currently, the main heading for an element is automatically wrapped with a <h1> tag.
      That's okay if the content its wrapping around is, in fact, meant to be the main heading for the page.
      But I suspect there may be people who will already have a heading on the page wrapped with <h1> tags, so that's going to create a bit of a semantic issue (theoretically, from what I understand about HTML5 spec, it is possible to have more than one <h1> tag on a page, but you really need to know what you're doing).
      So I think that designers should have the option to select that tag for each text part that makes up an element.
      Additionally, if the main heading of an element is being used as the <h1> heading for a page, if designers are able to select the tag, then it should automatically wrap the <h1> tag with <header> tags (and maybe even the appropriate classes - e.g., entry-heading, entry-title).
      When you look at the other text parts that make up an element, you see that the subheading is automatically wrapped in a <h3> tag.
      If the main heading tag is a <h1> tag (as it is at present) then, logically/semantically, the subheading should be wrapped in <h2> tags or <p> tags (perhaps it could be set conditionally - depending on designer selection of main heading).
      Further, the subheading <h3> tag actually wraps around <p> tags that contain the subheading content.
      That makes no sense whatsoever.
      Finally when you specify a tag in the paragraph textbox of an element, it doesn't actually that tag as HTML. Instead, it adds a class - using the specified tag (e.g., class="h2") to a span.
      That also does not make sense.
    • Tanzstern
      By Tanzstern
      at first: Sorry for my poor englisch.
      I use WP 3.7 with PageLines 1.4.5, deactivated all plugins except "adrotate" and "Extended AdRotate Ad Placements" on www.tanzsternemesum.de
      If I have a look at the Theme "Twenty Twelve" I can see the Ad in my Side menue like configured in Adrotate.
      But in PageLines I can't see anything.
      What's going wrong?
      Regards, Olaf.
    • daragh
      By daragh
      I've a client who I setup with the Pagelines Framework (2.1.6 at the time) and iBlogPro (5.1.1 at the time).
      All was fine - I think he then hired someone to do SEO who updated Wordpress, the Framework and the themes and since then there's been problems.
      Note that I'm using WP 3.7.1, I've added no plugins other than the Pagelines Framework theme and iBlogPro theme - i.e. WP is in an otherwise out of the box state.
      I have re-imported the site data.
      I decided to go back and rebuild the site on a seperate server, using the versions used at the time (except for Wordpress). All seemed well, except that I'm getting a serious looking bug in the page / post editor screen under the select templates dropdown (see screengrab pagelines-template-error.jpg).
      The menu looks 100% as we want it though (screengrab pagelines-menu-1.jpg). The colours / shading is correct, the right amount of space between the top level nav wording and the down arrow etc.
      Note at the top left I specify the Framework and iBlog theme version.
      So, I then update the Framework to version 2.4.4 - which FIXES the page template error thing, but breaks the menu (screengrab pagelines-menu-2.jpg).
      I then thought perhaps I need the latest iBlog version, so update that to ver 5.2.5 (screengrab pagelines-menu-3.jpg).
      Still the menu isn't quite right - and the right drop down arrows are on top of the nav label text.
      I feel that the framework must be updated (as I've done) in order to seemingly prevent some pretty serious looking admin errors that I'm seeing on the live site.
      But we really want to preserve the exact look and feel of the nav as in screengrab pagelines-menu-1.jpg.
      Can you help / suggest some CSS / change to fix this?
      Best Wishes,
      Daragh Mulvey
      Information Managers
    • photomomwife
      By photomomwife
      I updated Wordpress and Pagelines yesterday so I don't know where the problem lies, but right afterword the background image disappeared, the page color moved in front of text causing a gray screen, the logo disappeared and all the page options reset so that the footer was in the header and the Page Title and Subtitle disappeared. This happened on all of my sites and it was quite frustrating to figure this out.
      I immediately deactivated some plugins and that helped to bring the color of the page to the back. Then I tried to reload the logo from the media library and even though I could see it there it would reappear. So then I removed and then re-uploaded the logo and then it came back.
      Then I did the same for the background image but it will not come back. And then I went to page options and dragged things around until it looked right. It's like it reset and added all sorts of modules I never had in there. Also, the site seems way slower today.
      Does anyone know what happened? And why can't I get the background image to reappear?