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Migrating Pagelines And Wordpress?

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I have a PL- Wp site on my server, but the domain name is not pointed to it yet.

I need to show the client the website before pointing the domain name to it.

I would like to put a duplicate installation of it on a different domain name so they can see it.

What would you recommend for doing this or migrating it?

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You'll need to create a different domain name so you can host it on that domain, but that'll require purchase. Do you want to duplicate installation on another domain so that no one else sees it on the domain you plan on pointing to the website?

Please read the docs before posting. Please do not private message me unless I ask you to.

Designer | Catrina Dulay

Founder | Catrina and Mouse

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I usually create a subdomain of the final domain name like "dev.their-domain.com" with the files all on the client's server. That way their old site (if they have one) can stay up at the current url, and the new site is secretly available for them to preview at the development url. Just make sure any SEO stuff is turned off as well as having the right privacy settings so search engines aren't indexing the development site.

That makes it easy to go live too, you just need to move the wp installation over to the main domain's directory, update your urls that reference files to reference the new url, and that's about it.

Here's a lot more to read about it including alternative methods & techniques: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/119/how-to-easily-move-a-wordpress-install-from-development-to-production

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Hi Catrina,

I have lots of other domain names. Just need to put the site on one so my client can preview and approve it.

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