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Unable To Upgrade Past 2.2.5

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Still not working I'm afraid...

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If you added the define for no dynamic urls ( page 1 ) and when you view the source of the page, the css url is something like http://myhostname/?pageless=1 and IE9 atill does not load it, the only thing i can think of is either:


IE security restrictions is blocking it.

IE compatibility mode is on.


The file mode will never work as you have opted to run php as user apache, so you can forget that.


Unfortunately debugging someone elses LAN setup is impossible, we could go on until doomsday suggesting stuff.


My best advice, setup the linux box properly, running php as user apache is not a good idea anyway, as all the files have to be owned by apache, not the user.

Depending on the linux type, checkout suPHP, mod_itk, mod_fcgid all those run php as the user not apache.


Best of luck.

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