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Custom Css Not Updating And Css Parse Error

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It's happened AGAIN, Pagelines brings out an update and it buggers something up which I now have to spend hours fixing, I'm honestly sick and tired of this.

I've just updated to 2.3.4 and am now getting the error: parse error: failed at `#respond input[type="text"], .wp-comments .wp-comments-pad > #respond textarea { ` line: 1040

It happened when I simply tried to change one value in one line of css.

The problem is, the custom css will NOT update when I change it. It saves, but when I inspect the webpage it hasn't changed anything.

I'm certainly not a pro programmer or anything, but I can't understand why something that worked PERFECTLY is now giving these problems. -And I simply copied these values from Chrome Inspector where they were working fine as well.

Is there a way to downgrade back to 2.3.3?

**I URGENTLY need to get this fixed as I'm already way behind schedule.



Site is still under development but here's the url: ultimatemasteringformula.com

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If you receive a Parse Error, this means that you have an error in your custom CSS. LESS CSS, is not as forgiving with errors like the standard CSS. Therefore, please review your custom CSS for any errors such as a missing:

{ } ; :

Once you have resolved your incorrect CSS, save your settings and the Parse error will be resolved.

Also, in future, please add any custom code to our paste service - http://paste.pagelines.com/

I have removed your code so the post is more readable.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks for searching before posting, just for you I'll repeat myself for the 3rd time.

All options should be filtered by wp kses before saving into the database but we whitelisted the CSS. Drawback was users could now enter HTML Javascript php in fact anything into the CSS box.. The last week or so we were plagued by users adding script tags into the CSS box and wp-admin would not load. I was getting daily emails asking for a fix so I enable the filter again.

Of course our testers didn't pick up nor did I that kses 'escapes' quotes and that chokes the compiler. So if the custom CSS is just that, CSS, then add it to the customise plugins css file where it belongs.

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Thanks, I apologize, I did search and read the other posts but didn't really understand what that meant -or how to fix it.

I've installed the customize plugin and moved all my code to there and now it's working again.

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The topic was marked as resolved.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Change line 489 of class.render.css.php to this:

$custom = stripslashes( ploption( 'customcss' ) );

And its fixed.

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