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    • richardjacruz
      By richardjacruz+
      I thought I had seen the last of this problem. However, please look at dev.stevensoncraneservice.com (the development site for our company). Every internal page looks fine. However, the home page is "broken" on every browser. However, when I'm logged in when using Chrome as a admin, the site checks out fine.
      Can you help me figure this out?
    • davidcosgrove
      By davidcosgrove
      This website http://itseasybeinggreenmovie.com/ is running DMS2 and I've run into a bizarre issue in Firefox.
      When the home page initially loads up, the top portion of it gets truncated and "hidden" behind the top nav section, hiding the top portion of the intro paragraph and the top portion of the YouTube video.
      Here is a screenshot of how it gets truncated - http://davidcosgrovesandbox.com/cutoff.png
      This is how it should look (and does look upon refreshing) - http://davidcosgrovesandbox.com/not-cutoff.png
      That affected section is a canvas area, 600 pixels high, with a background image.
      For the time being, until this can be fixed, we just put the content in the WP-loop section, so the cutoff canvas area has been hidden for desktop and mobile users.  I want to enable it again once this can be fixed.
      If you need Admin access to look at anything please PM me and I will set you up.
      I've never run into this issue with DMS, it's a new one on me!  Thank you in advance for your help guys.
    • jenrusfreelance
      By jenrusfreelance
      Hello -
      The slider that is on the Home Page of our website (www.rphospital.org) is not showing up/working properly. I have tried to reload and fix things in the back-end of the slider options but it is still not showing up. Please advise. Any direction to get the slider to work again is appreciated.
      Thanks in advance!
    • franckhelin
      By franckhelin
      Hello,    How do I set the home page of a DMS site?
    • layasamadhi
      By layasamadhi
      How do you create the blog home page? For example like this http://www.pagelines.com/blog/.   If I insert the post-loop section displays only the contents of the corresponding page.