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New Wp Site For Inspection

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iems    1

First WP site, using the PageLines theme v 1.2.9. Am I allowed to ask for a review in terms of design & code? Design is what the client asked for. For code, I added some custom CSS - hoping I did it right.

Concerning the background (opaque), and the navbar (text black) - the changes are not showing in IE8. Is there anyway to fix this?

I appreciate all the help thus far.

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Rob    547

I'm afraid we don't do reviews. However, regarding IE8, there are some elements that just don't work in IE. In particular, IE8 predates CSS3 and HTML5. So, with IE8, you're likely to experience several things that don't work. There may be some CSS workarounds. I'd recommend you google them to find solutions.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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