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Welcome to the support forums. In order to expedite community response to your posts, please keep the following in mind when posting:

Search. Answers to many questions can be found in previous forum postings or in the Resource Center. Use the search bar at the top right of the screen to search the entire community (members and forums), or search only forums postings by using the advanced search capability.

Choose informative thread titles. When starting a new thread, choose a title that captures the essence of your question. Try to avoid posting the entire problem in the title. That only makes it more difficult to help you.

Provide details. Aim to provide enough information so that follow-up or clarification questions aren't necessary. Include details about the request you are sending and the response you are receiving. Posting the actual request and error response is always helpful. A link to your site is extremely helpful in expediting our response.

Use the appropriate channel. For technical questions that require you to submit sensitive information, please send an e-mail or private message to the moderator by request. Normally, they only request this if it's necessary to access your site's dashboard. If you have a business / licensing question about Pagelines' offerings or billing, please e-mail us at Please seek Pagelines support via these channels over using private messages.

Post code between [ code] and [ /code] tags. This will help make posts involving code more readable. ( not remember to remove the extra space in the tag ).

A Happy Community. While this is a fully moderated forum, we try to make this a happy place and a community. If you feel you have a great answer for someone's topic, feel free to post your reply. We ask however, that if you have a similar problem you open a new topic. Not all similar problems have the same cause, so it's in your best interests to start a new topic and obtain direct support.

Resolved Topics. While it's possible to post on an already resolved topic, generally, our team is focused on new and open topics, rather than those marked resolved. Likely, you will not get a response.

Have Fun. Technical support issues can be extremely frustrating and angering. Our team endeavors to help as quick and as efficiently as possible. Sit back, take a deep breath, have a cold beverage and post your topic. We find that humor and good will help resolve problems much better than anger or frustration.

Enjoy your experience in PageLines' new Resource Center and don't forget... keep smiling!

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Hi Rob, very iimportant all you say in this and the most important ...I believe is the smile.


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