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Css Customizing Don't Work

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Hi there, I'm having the problem with CSS... I spent so much time reading PageLines forum, but haven't found any answer that is good for me. I'm trying to modify CSS and have to say that I'm not professional. Now, I'm so frustrated because none of the answers works for me... I tried to change style.css in base PageLines theme and in PageLines Customize plugin. I just wanted to change color of the morefoot area and wrote

#morefoot {background: #8dd7f4;}

in the style.css file. I also copied the same code into the Settings/Custom Code area but with no luck.

I have installed Firebug but don't know what and where to look. When I point to the area that I want to change, this is what I get:

<div id="morefoot_area" class="container-group">

<section id="contentbox" class="container no_clone section-contentbox fix">

<div class="texture">

<div class="content">

<div class="content-pad">

<div class="hentry cb-standard">

<div class="hentry-pad cb-standard-pad entry_content">VILLAGE EAST CONDOMINIUM | 305 917 76 73</div>

I can also see this part of the code:

#morefoot {

background-attachment: scroll;

background-clip: border-box;

background-color: #FFFFFF;

background-image: none;

background-origin: padding-box;

background-position: 0 0;

background-repeat: repeat;

background-size: auto auto;


The problem is that no matter what I write into the style.css, the color doesn't change and if I try the same and copy the code into the Custom Code area nothing happens...

I would be very grateful if you could help me to understand where am I making mistake...

Thank you

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The issue is that there is no ID of #morefoot. Therefore, your custom CSS will not work, if you view your sites code in Firebug or Chromes Web Dev tool, you can see the ID for the morefoot area is #morefoot_area. If you view your post above, you can see that you have already identified the correct ID for the morefoot section.

I have provided you with the code below to get change your Morefoot ContentBox background color.

#morefoot_area .section-contentbox .content { background: #8DD7F4; }[/CODE]

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Fantastic! It works, thank you...

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