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Diferent Image Header For Diferent Language In Iblog

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Hi, I'm using iBlog free theme in two languages with WPML. I need to use diferent image header for each language. Is it possible?


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    • social_biz
      By social_biz
      I am trying to get iBlogpro6 running under https. All is fine but I am getting a mixed content warning:
      Mixed Content: The page at 'https://s11r.co/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet 'http://s11r.co/content/uploads/pagelines/compiled-css-core-1464872768.css'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. The compiled css file are delivered in http not https. I tried toi delete them several times but the error is still there.
      Do I need to fix something in the theme folder? What? Where?
    • jeomiland
      By jeomiland+
      A week ago I setup a brand new install of Wordpress and latest DMS. Wanted to try the Whitehouse theme but accidently activated iBolg first. Went back and chose whitehouse, but now when I look at the templates area, there are a bunch of Iblog templates there but no whitehouse named templates (and something called iPage Handling in Page Setup column?). Further mystery is there are several whitehouse sections available to add to page.  no iblog sections though...?
      Also having some weirdness with editor. When I change the Primary Text typography to Georgia and a large size (like 24px) the blue navbar separator bars extend down below the bottom of the navbar area.  Using Inspector, I can see I can set height in CSS to deal with that. But while in the DMS editor, I can't see the new text size being displayed! If I logout and view the page, it looks big like I chose in a couple different browsers, but in CHrome while logged in to editor, the font is small
      Any suggestions? Would like to see what my text choices look like without having to log out.
      Site at:
      Wordpress version 4.2.3
      Active Plugins:Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI
      several DMS sections/plugins
      Gravity Forms
      PageLines Updater
      Wordfence Security
      Yoast SEO
    • hansonexperience
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      After I upgraded to WordPress 3.6 my accordion sidebar does not work anymore. All items are opened now and I cannot close them
      Any idea?
      See http://www.hansonexperience.com/blog/
    • jamwinner
      By jamwinner
      For some technical reasons, we had to reinstall everything from scratch but after the process, we started experiencing some issues related to theme and thumbnails. 
      1- The Apple Style menu seems so thick. It used to be thinner than what it seems now.
      This is the screenshot I copied from Google cache...

      Not it looks like this:

      Even the outline is different. 
      The second question is about the featured images shown incorrectly. 
      Previously, when we define a featured image and then publish the article, we could get a 150x150 pixel thumbnail but this time we only get a resized of the featured image. 
      Our features images have a size of 1070 px to 250 px. 
      When the images were resized, we used to have a portion of the image at a size of 150x150 px.
      The difference can be seen in the screenshot...
      There are 4 posts you can see. The last one is one of the old ones and the other three are the new posts. You can see the difference. I have checked the Wordpress settings from WP Admin >> Settings >> Media
      and all the thumbnail settings are defined there....

    • wyzard
      By wyzard

      I'm new to this (i had someone working on the site, but now doing it myself).

      I was wondering if anyone could either answer, or point me in the right direction (I haven't had to much luck searching the forums)

      I'm using iblog 4.2.4

      My questions are

      1) Is iBlog a totally separate theme to Pagelines?
      Or does Pagelines work like the framework, with the theme sitting on top?
      (like the genesis framework on the studiopress sites)

      2) If so, is pagelines automatically installed with iblog, or how does it work?
      (Is there any documentation I can read)

      3) I see iblog5 is out, how would I upgrade and would this be free?

      4) Also, if Pagelines is the framework, how would I upgrade this?

      5) Are there any 'getting started docs' or anything like that for both iblog and pagelines

      Any answers would be much appreciated, I'm not that savvy and trying to find some bearings
      (I apologise if there's already a thread of docs that I haven't found yet)