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Resolved PHP Fatal error: Class 'PageLinesNav' not found

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Running Wordpress 3.4.2 Tried to update Pagelines Framework to the latest version. However something went wrong and the site disappeared also lost access to Admin pages with an internal server error.

Looked at the logs and saw this error:

[19-Oct-2012 13:40:29] PHP Fatal error: Class 'PageLinesNav' not found in /home/hinelega/public_html/wp-content/themes/pagelines/sections/brandnav/section.php on line 18

So I physically disabled Pagelines theme by login in via FTP and adding XXX's into the pagelines directory name forcing the install to revert to Twenty Eleven theme, Admin pages came back up as did the site in Twenty Eleven theme, so data and Wordpress install seems fine.

Restored Pagelines framework from backup, however whenever I try to Activate the Framework I get the same error.

Deactivated all Plugins, but again same error.

Tried restoring the database from the backup and all was good with the database, but again no change.

The site is, (however I am blocking access to it right now). I am now not sure what update had last been done which I restored from my backup. However I was definitely updating to the latest Pagelines update when the error occurred. I'll also mention I am using a child theme with this install in case that is a factor.

Any ideas.



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Been struggling with this for hours now. Having done some Google searches, this error message is popping up in a lot of Error Logs, so seems to be something fairly common. However I can't find any mention of it in the Technical Support forums bar a few threads that closed without identifying the cause.

Am I missing something really obvious with this? works fine in any other theme, but as soon as I try to activate Pagelines Framework it breaks the site and throw up the error message in my earlier post. As soon as I force it back into the Twenty Eleven theme all is OK. Any help, suggestions/ advice would be gratefully received!!!



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Hi there, I'm not sure what the error messages means but it sounds as if a file could be corrupted inside your original pagelines theme. I'd say the best bet is to download a fresh version of Pagelines and re-install. Please switch back to the 2011 theme and then delete the original PL theme.

Go to and download a zip file of the latest version of the Framework from the 'your products' tab. Install into your wp dashboard through appearance>themes as a new theme. Hopefully this will resolve the issues you've been having.

If you're still receiving error messages please enable the wp-debug in wp-config.php and provide us with a full error report from this.

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Hi James,

Worked a treat!! For anyone else that gets this issue, James's suggestion worked perfectly. I backed up my child theme and just to be sure deleted everything Pagelines related, plugins etc. Reinstalled Pagelines and all related plugins and sections, then added my child theme back in and it worked.

I'm a little concerned my backups from just before the update event and a week before exhibited the same issue when restored to the server. However the fresh install has fixed it!

Sidebars and footer have defaulted but thats a minor concern compared to a broken site!!

I'm a happy man.

Thanks James, your help and simple suggestion is very much appreciated.

This can be marked as resolved.



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The topic was marked as resolved.

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