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Cancel Plus Membership

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Mackenzie - PageLines Help Desk

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Kindly search this forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

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    • nandorj78
      By nandorj78+
      I was just billed for my PL membership, which made me think what exactly I'm being billed for exactly. Andrew has recently said that memberships are now gone and the payment/license would be dealt differently. Could anyone clarify this, please?
    • BlueSkyCreative
      By BlueSkyCreative+
      Hi there, 
      I did use the contact form to try and resolve this but now joy and need to resolve my membership issue...
      I received an email saying my subscription was cancelled, not sure why? but when I tried to renew/pay it says my cart is empty...
      So I can't ....
      Someone did contact me from the contact form telling me to do exactly what I had done... but still no joy...
      Please help as I need to get on with loads using Pagelines 
      see screen shot when I click pay it says cart is empty....
      many thanks :) Paul    
    • greenfly
      By greenfly
      Hello Everyone,    If you previously had a PageLines Plus subscription and would like access to the Plus Extensions you previously received, please send an email to [email protected] (our support desk) and they will happily send you the Plus Extensions directly by email.     Please anticipate possible delays in reply. The forum moderator team will not be able to provide these to you via the forum.    These extensions are for PageLines Framework only.  Use of these extensions in other PageLines products is possible, but not guaranteed or supported.  These extensions will only be available to those who were previous Plus Subscribers up to July 24th, 2013.   Thank you all for your patience. 
    • Rob
      By Rob
      Hello all, 
      I know everyone has been on pins and needles and often very upset that restoring the Framework Store and Plus products has taken so long.  Candidly, I don't blame you for your frustrations, and hope you'll all understand we're just as frustrated.
      As you know, I've been communicating with our developers routinely to express your grave concerns and today, I have some good news to share.
      The majority of the Framework Store is back.  Not everything though. Any item where there's no Thumbnail is not yet available and will yield an error.  Grey boxes with the word "Thumb" indicate no available download. Please DO NOT COMPLAIN. We know about it and we're trying to fix it still. But there are few that are missing.
      To make things even better, the Plus Membership extensions are still there and for the most part, work. 
      Now, with about 95% of the store reinstated, Framework should be back in business for all of you. 
      I hope you'll all take advantage of this, and use Framework as a stepping stone for even more beautiful DMS sites in future.
    • interactive
      By interactive
      Where are the updates / news / announcements from PagesLines management?
      Why has Andrew Powers NOT updated everyone with an official news release? He looks so genuine and passionate about his company and products in the promo videos.
      You want us to support you and be patient while you fix things, but there is not enough info being released to existing (PLUS) subscribers.
      Give us some confidence back and be honest with us. Release a video explaing where we are and how long we still need to wait. PLEASE!
      The longer you keep silent, the worse it is going to get. DO SOME PR.