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How to change default contact page that comes with page lines 2.3

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I recently setup a new MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installation on my local computer, so I could develop a website for a client. I installed wordpress 3.4.2 and page lines 2.3.3.

I expected there to be no default pages, except for the sample page that pagelines creates, in addition to the "hello world" page that wordpress creates.

The first page I tried to create, simply had the name "Contact". I didn't fill in any content. But when I previewed the page it already seems to have content (See attached screenshot).

Is there some kind of setting which causes pagelines to create this default contact page? How can I change the settings? How can I remove this content ?

On my other websites I have used wordpress plugins like contactform7 etc, which let me customize the contact page.



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Problem solved - It was entirely my fault not being familiar with pagelines defaults. What I was looking at was actually the "comments" drag and drop feature, which by default is present as part of the "Default Template". I just removed it from the template, and I now have the blank page I was looking for.

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