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    • Bleuy
      By Bleuy+
      Well the weekend is nearly here folks!   I have a slightly off the wall issue, which is probably more a database than Pagelines issue... but I am throwing it out there, in hope of a resolution.   I was utilising the Ink Theme, Blackbird Theme, but have now moved to Pagelines Pro, but I appear to still have some legacy code which is effecting the functionality the website (causing problems with the Widgets & The Blog appearance).     I have uninstalled and deleted the Blackbird theme entirely (through the uninstall function and also checked that it is no longer on my server) but certain elements of its functionality still appear to be operating within the new theme.   I have upgraded to the latest versions of Wordpress & Pagelines, disabled the Plugins entirely, reverted back to the TwentyEleven version but the functionality from the Blackbird Theme is still existing.   Anyone got any thoughts on this?  I have emailed Ink Themes, but they categorically state that once deleted, no code remains or will effect the Wordpress installation...... WRONG!   I have had a look at the SQL Tables (Option_id) (Can I point out that I am NOT an expert at this) and have noticed that there are 3 fields which contain reference to the Blackbird Theme.  Could these be causing the conflict and if so, has anyone got a solution for me to resolve it.  I am assuming that its not as simple as deleting the relevant fields/data?   I would rather not have to go through a complete fresh install of Wordpress.  I appreciate that this is more of a Blackbird Theme related issue, but they seem very unsupportive (despite being a paying customer!) in resolving this issue - I have also put a post on Wordpress, but if anyone has any ideas they would like to share then brilliant.   Would welcome all and any assistance.   I can supply a copy of the table data if necessary