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    • John Olsson
      By John Olsson+
      Using Version 5.0.72 of P5.
      The images, as shown here: http://www.marinimporten.se/ is good aligned and have normal whitespace as they should on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
      But in every version of Explorer (according to the client) it shows very funny, look at the screenshot. There isn't any wierd about the css, its straight forward clean from the system deafult.
      So this can't be just me i think..? It's regular "image-boxes" i've used..
      Any ideas?

    • jonthompson
      By jonthompson
      Hey guys!
      ok so here: http://refined.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/
      the last 4 or so pl tabs overlap to the sidebar in Internet Explorer. I installed the browser specific css plugin but it caused an error so i deactivated it. 
      Google IE Compatibility is checked. can I solve this with css? what should I do?
      I searched for the keywords but couldn't find anything.
    • texasx
      By texasx
      My images in the sidebars does not show in explorer
      I've tried different image sizes ... tried to uninsall / install again ... nothing seam to help.

      Anyone having a solution?

      Here is a link to one of the images, placed in a contentbox in SB2 (visible i FireF but not in IE9)

      <img src="ftp://[email protected]/interactb2b.se/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/BigBottleNeck2-150x150.jpg" alt="bigbottle">

      at: http://interactb2b.se/

      Greatful for your help
    • theresacs
      By theresacs
      For some reason, the columns for my site, Island Vittles are not displaying properly in Explorer.

      The main content column is taking up the whole screen, and my righthand sidebar is being pushed to the bottom of the page.

      This is not a problem in Firefox or Safari.

      I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.

      Many thanks.
    • theresacs
      By theresacs
      Hello -- I'm very new to Pagelines, and am loving it!

      My only problem so far is that my single, right-hand side bar will not display properly in Explorer. It views exactly how I want it to in both Firefox and Safari.

      Can anyone tell me why? I'm happy to provide additional info if needed.

      Many thanks!