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Skyscraper Ads in Banner-Set Sections? Is it possible?

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This is pretty much just a concept question to see if its possible to put skyscraper ads in only a section of a page that has a banner-set displayed.

The website is http://avenidadelasartes.com and under the 'parada' sections I use banner-sets to list cultural venues at each section of the avenue.

I have the banners set to 90% width and would like to use the remaining space on one side to put skyscraper ads that are different for each 'parada' or section of the avenue. Could be widget? Could be Image-file?

I don't want these ads to be at the top of the page where there in intro text or at the bottom where I have boxes for business listings.... just in the middle banner-set area with performance venues.

[intro Text...]

[Getting To...]

--- beginning of banner-set -------

Performance Venue 1 xx SSSS

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KKKK

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YYYY


Performance Venue 2 xx CCCC

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RRRR

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AAAA


Performance Venue 3 xx EEEE

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RRRR

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AAAA


---- end of banner set -----------------

[box Section with Business Listings]

If this is possible, would I be best to look for someone who knows css - or would I need a certain type of programmer to modify the code (which would mean it gets overwritten with any upgrades - right?).

Thanks for any help with letting me know if this type of customization is feasible.


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The Banners section would need to be added to the Content Area template area and you'd need to use the one sidebar on right side layout to add the ads in text widgets inside the sidebar. (CSS tweaking may be required to customize the appearance further.)

Please read the docs before posting. Please do not private message me unless I ask you to.

Designer | Catrina Dulay

Founder | Catrina and Mouse

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