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Standard Nav Drop Down Arrows Inquiry

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I'm trying to figure out if the Standard Nav enables the Top Page to be clickable when there are drop down pages below. My Top Level Menu page is not clickable. It looks like the page is linked when hovering over, but won't open. Is this the proper function? I thought they supposed to be clickable?

Also, in the site options > Header and Footer settings, selecting "Enable Drop Down Navigation" does not seem to matter. Namely, An arrow in my menu is always present irregardless of that setting selection. Is this normal?

I disabled my other plugins. Only PageLines plugins are active.

'Am I missing something here?

See what I mean: http://www.faddisdesign.com

Thanks for the help.

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It would appear you're using NavBar for your menu. NavBar uses Twitter Bootstrap, which prohibits the parent from being clickable to a URL. Instead, to ensure that the parent is clickable only to open the child menu (drop down) it hacks a hash, letter and number after each parent url.

In plain English, if your menu has a link to www.dustinfaddis.com/about with child menu items below it, Twitter Bootstrap converts the link to www.dustinfaddis.com/#m1.

The work-around is ridiculous and simplistic, as I'm sure you will concur, but it's to create a child menu item under the parent, with the intended URL. It appears Twitter has no intention to change this. Of course, you've no doubt noticed that single level menu items work perfectly well, directly to any intended URL. It's only where there's a drop down that Bootstrap kicks in with this change.

That said, the option would be to use the Nav Classic, which does have the parent enabled normally. I've seen many people apply backgrounds and style the Nav Classic menu to look very close to, if not better than the NavBar. Many customers have expressed preference for Nav Classic because it has additional capacity for styling, particularly easy changes of color, width and so on.

If you need assistance with any changes, please let us know.

The "Enable Drop Down Navigation" applies only to the Nav Classic, which is why you'll always see the down arrow in NavBar where a child menu is present. It does not appear when the menu item is single-level only.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Thanks for the information Rob.

I de-selected the options/settings in NavBar, but Classic Nav is not responding as I thought it would; unless I need to select some other settings to obtain the Classic Nav as you mention.

I also selected "hide search field" within the Header And Footer options, but the search box is still visible in the menu unless I select the "Standard NavBar - hide searchform" box in the NavBar Site options. After your articulation, I was of the perception that the NavBar options do not effect the default-Classic Nav Menu settings.

Can you take a look again to see what steps I can take to get the Classic Nav set up as you mention?


Thanks for your help!

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Just looked at your site and it's still NavBar. Did you swap it out in Drag & Drop > Header?

The Nav Classic looks more like the one on my site www.epicurus.com.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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O'got it. Thanks for that step! I'm still learning to pay attention to the PageLines language and distinguishing between the options. I removed NavBar from the Header in Drag&Drop and replaced it with Nav Classic.

Now I just need to make it pretty. I'll look around for some code to style my nav. If you have any links on hand to help me reference some options that would be great.

I guess I can re-instal simple css plugin. I'd prefer no plugin, so I'll look for some code.

Thanks again for clarifying the inner workings of Framework Navigation options.

When "NavBar" was introduced, I thought it was more a PageLines tool. I didn't know it was powered by Twitter Bootstrap. I like to keep my site as close to all PageLines, so everything remains under PageLines maintenance and avoids bugs introduced by other systems.

On a communications note, maybe the distinction you clarified in this topic will be helpful to include in the documents area. Communicating some of the visual appearances as well as slight functional difference between the Navigations might be helpful for those who are learning. It seems "obvious", but it's not when faced with so many options. Good options, just hard to learn by experience. That might put you out of a job though :D

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That plugin simply writes the CSS for you. Unlike many plugins that set up new code.

It's also in the PL family, as one of our senior moderators wrote it. It can be trusted as a PL product.

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Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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