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content shadow from header to footer?

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This has been posted a couple of times by other people. In my opinion there was not an acceptable response from pagelines though. Pagelines gives me the power to tile a background image, make my content area white, and even add a shadow (technically a 'glow') to that white content area floating in the center of the page.

WHY OH WHY are the morefooter and footer areas not included in the content shadow? no matter what background color I make the footer area, it just looks jacked up when the shadow abruptly stops on the sides and then mysteriously shows up again along the bottom.

I've tried disabling my custom css and it doesn't help.

I used to work around this unusual quirk by putting my footer columns in the content area. However, newer versions of pagelines now won't allow me to have footer or morefooter columns in the content area. WHY NOT? They can be very useful in other areas of a website.

using css box shadow is not acceptable as it ALWAYS casts a shadow on top, thereby separating my footer from the main content with a weird shadow.




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If it has been posted a couple of times by a couple of other people, please provide the links, we do try and read every post.

The morefoot and footer areas are designed to be used in the morefoot and footer areas. Nobody in my knowledge has ever asked for the footer to go into the content.

You can easily copy the morefoot and footer cols sections into a child theme and edit the 'workswith' and make them work anywhere you like, put the footer in the header area if you want, endless possibilities.

The whole reason the morefoot and footcols were locked where they are is because we got support requests from people self destructing their site after adding footer areas to header areas.

PS Typing in CAPS does not make it easier to read, in fact it makes it harder to reply.

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Some people... indeed most, want to segregate the footer and morefoot from the main content. Others prefer to unite them.

Using Firebug or Chrome's Inspection Tools, anyone can get the CSS for the shadow, or glow, from the content area, and include it if they wish, into the morefoot and footer CSS. There's nothing to stop them. In fact, we encourage clients to find elements in one place and use them elsewhere. It's part of the learning curve.

The problem with extending the shadow on a standard level is that there are too many user-end variables. Some might want different footer color.. others, want the morefoot and footer merged, but separated from the content area. How could any framework keep up with these choices? The better part of coding here, was to make it possible to do it yourself when you seek to customize.

If you need support to accomplish this, we'd be happy to help.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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