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I have installed teachpress at our non-profit site

I cannot get the publications to list conventionally using the teachpress shortcodes.

Does anyone have experience of using teachpress &/or bibtex post entries with Platform Pro who can mentor me past my display problem?

The page I have having trouble with is

It is centered (do not want) and not displaying all fields that are entered. I'd like more control, also, about the order of [tplist] by date and then name.

Thank you in advance. Chris Ann Matteo

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Teachpress has CSS styling that's causing the text to be centered. You can overwrite this CSS by adding your own CSS code.

You’ll need to use Custom CSS (in Site Options > Custom Code > Custom CSS). CSS that changes the style of a page element consists of two parts: the selector and the attribute.

Selector: Used to select the page element you want to change (in this case, the page elements you want to change are your teachpress post).

Attribute: Property that determines what kind of change you want (you’re changing the text formatting, so the attributes you want to use are text-align, font-size, etc.).

To find the selector for the teachpress post, you'll need to use Firebug (or Chrome Development tools). To learn how to use Firebug for CSS customizations, please read and follow these instructions:

For help with the formatting attributes, please see these instructions:

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