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Quadruple Instances of Sub-Nav in Sidebar

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I'm trying to add sub-navigation to the side bars of various sections of the Pagelines Framework. I found and installed a plugin that does what I want it to. Except it's producing 4 versions of sub-nav menu. Any ideas how to remove the three other versions of the menu on each page? You can see an example here: http://www.switchgrass-rer.com/grass-biomass/

The plugin is called: Section Subnav. Is it not compatible with WP? Is there something else that is compatible or can I edit the plugin to make it work?



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Rather than using this plugin, you should try to implement the subnav using the Menu widget and use Widget Logic to have better control over the widgets: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-logic/

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Hi -

Could you provide a bit more information on how this is supposed to work. I'm looking at my menus with Widget Logic installed, but I don't see the Widget Logic screen in the Menus section... Also I have no clue what sort of code I would add to make the sub-navigation work. I've played around with it today and I'm not seeing anything work. Thanks

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First, WordPress is currently on version 3.4.2 and that plugin is only compatible up to 3.2.1 dating from August 30, 2011. Likely it's not only incompatible with PageLines, but also with WordPress.

Please don't use or install outdated plugins. They will only serve to crash your site. To make sure, always look at the compatibility and check to see if there are others citing the plugin as broken. Many plugins are created by hobbyists with good intentions, but short term plans to be developers.

If you create a new menu in Appearance > Menus and name it "Sidebar" or something like that, you may then go to Appearance > Widgets and use "Custom Menus" widget in your sidebar. There, you may select the "Sidebar" menu you just created and if you don't wish it to appear in any particular page, post or category, just use Widget Logic.

You're right, Widget Logic doesn't work on menus. It does however, work on widgets. You can add menus via widgets in all sorts of sections like the Morefoot, Footer, Primary, Secondary, and so on.

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