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Resolved Slider on blog

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I noticed there was a post on this previously but those fixes did not work for me and I didn't see the firebug link mentioned. The slider on the blog is intrusive, unnecessary and, well, odd. I'd like it gone, ASAP. Please help me figure out how to get this thing off of the blog page somehow. If I need to do it via CSS that is fine, if you could just point me to someplace that will explain how to do that, that would be fantastic!


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Hi eclipsedesign

If I understand you want to remove the slider on the blog

You can go to

Pagelines > Drag & Drop

and disable the section

You can go to this link to see


If it is not what you expected please wait a moderator´s answer.

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1. Login to your Wordpress admin dashboard

2. Go to PageLines > Drag and Drop

3. Click on Content Area (so it highlights blue)

4. Then select the Blog template

5. There you should see the Quick Slider section, remove this from the Active Sections area.

6. Save Settings and the Quick Slider should be removed from your Blog Page.

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Thanks for the tips. In the end, the only way I seemed to be able to get it to go away was; when I was looking at my actual blog page, in the Wordpress admin header there was an 'edit meta' option that I hadn't noticed before. I was able to go in here and click 'hide quickslider' and this time it worked. All the other areas where I tried to turn it off, I was unsuccessful. I'm glad I figured it out! Thanks for trying to help!

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I am happy to hear your issue has been resolved but the steps I provided above, are correct and following them should remove the Quick Slider from your blog page template.

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The topic was marked as resolved.

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