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TourKick (Clifford P)

Scrollspy not working perfectly

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Each piece of content you're targetting with Scrollspy needs to be a minimum height of 500 pixels or more (in other words, each area needs to be a large enough height in order for the correct highlighting of links).

The last targeted content area is a pain, because it applies the active state when the title that holds the scroll-header is at 50% the height of the screen. So if you have h2 class="scroll-header" it wont apply the active state class to the link, until that title is in the middle of the screen.

Please read the docs before posting. Please do not private message me unless I ask you to.

Designer | Catrina Dulay

Founder | Catrina and Mouse

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TourKick (Clifford P)

Each of the 3 scrollspy sections is over 500px tall. I'm not following what the issue is or how to fix it. Maybe a screenshot with annotations would help me.

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There is no issue here, you're using Scroll Spy with Boxes. Scroll spy was designed to target content on a page/post and not for section use.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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      2) How can I put my logo in the scrollspy navbar?
      ) How can it be full width the whole time instead of only when you start scrolling?
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      And I assume scrollspy should be at the top of the content/template area and not in the header area.
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