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hi, i need to develop a website which i sketched it already,

i need a guidance how i suppose to start to develop this based on the story board which i attached by this comment.and for more information this one is the masterpage.



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I have created a simple overlay image on top of your storyboard - http://d.pr/i/RGPs

Basically you need to use the follow:

Header/Navigation - BrandNav Section

Template Setup:

  1. Go to PageLines > Drag and Drop and then select Page Template ( so it highlights blue), then remove all sections apart from the Content Section.
  2. Then click on Content Area ( so that highlights blue) and make sure you have the PostLoop section active.
  3. Once you have completed this, go to PageLines > Site Options > Layout Editor and make sure that you default layout is set to Left sidebar and save settings.

Once that is all completed, you are then free to add your content to your Page. Simply go to Wordpress Admin Dashboard > Pages > Select the page you wish to edit and then add your page content to the editor.

If you need further assistance, I recommend you contact one of the PageLines Pros for assistance.


Please search our forums, before posting!

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