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Morefoot area and Twitter bar outside main side in FF and IE

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This is most likely caused by bad HTML, an unwanted </div> somewhere. However, I have noticed that you also have a custom section called "golddata", I'm unsure what this does, but try disabling this section and see if this resolves your issue.

If it does, we will be unable to provide assistance, as we can not support custom sections.

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You were right. It was bad html in the golddata section. Thanks! Good to know.

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Do you need further assistance?

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      Was on the phone with client yesterday reviewing the site and the server slowed way down. Did a couple updates that may not have taken. Now cannot get back into the DMS editor for  I can see the site in chrome and firefox but the background image is no longer there. Can get into dashboard in chrome and firefox. Cannot get into DMS editor in chrome - get "Oops, There may be an issue loading." error no matter how many times I try.  My internet connection is not the fastest, but I can access other sites I've built in DMS - just not
      My question is,
      1) is there a safe way to reinstall DMS that will not trash the work done on the site? 
      2) Is there a way to see if something in the database got corrupted and how to fix? Since I can't get into DMS editor, can't get to the Flush Cache page to try that.
      Just turned on
      define('WP_DEBUG', true);
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      Fine in Chrome and IE. But the top is missing in Firefox.
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      I use the paid version of DMS 2 to develop sites. Firefox works just as well as Chrome for editing (if you change the user agent). Needlessly blocking the editor based on the user agent just creates more hassle than anything else. If you test the site in different iterations of Chrome's device emulation mode, occasionally DMS will think you are not in Chrome and you will have to refresh to get back into the front-end editor.
      At the very least, I would love to see an option to turn off this user agent detection so that those of us that are brave enough to use DMS in browsers other than Chrome can do so.
    • IE and Firefox issues media boxes
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      Good Morning!
      Just launched our site yesterday and I am thrilled to say, it all went very well.  Thank you for all your support along the way.
      In viewing the site on the different browsers, I have found two issues, both on the same page, that appear when using either Firefox or IE.  
      This is the page -
      1) The picture to the left of "Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development" moves into the text area when you re-size the screen.  
      2) The picture to the right of "Materials Characterization and Testing" is only this size (i.e., huge) when viewed with IE or Firefox and the picture does NOT scale in size as I drag the screen smaller.
      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you and have a wonderful day:-)
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      The site is and the pages displaying this problem are archive, submit and mailing list.
      This had been behaving just fine in the past but I was attempting to use cleaner, more precise images for the subheads. The actual artwork is just over 80px high...very strange.