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    • jamieg270
      By jamieg270+
      My client has just flagged up a problem with the Pinterest share button. When they click it on any of theor blog entries Pinterest comes back with the following error:
      Parameter 'image_url' (value http:) is not a valid URL format.
      I've checked this myself and it does indeed happen. The post has a featured image, these are using standard Pagelines DMS sections and the the site is totally up to date.
      The page is here: http://www.technicasolutions.co.uk/5-questions-to-ask-your-prospective-new-it-support-company/
      Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

    • radroz
      By radroz
      Hey Ellen, what would it take to add Pinterest to the Business Branding options?
    • erin-wsk
      By erin-wsk
      Just noticed that no one can use the pinterest option because it doesn't pull an image. I've made sure that I'm on the latest version with still no change. Any help would be appreciated!
    • milliemollie
      By milliemollie
      Using free version of Platform, really enjoying getting to grips with it, in Platform settings, Header & Nav, how do I add a Pinterest, or any other social media, Link (and associated Icon) such that they show next to RSS, Twitter or Facebook in my Header area?
    • bellasmom