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Questions about Postpin section

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I have two questions about the Postpin section:

  1. Will this section support WordPress excerpts (instead of picking the beginning of each post)? Or maybe there is already a solution I missed?
  2. I disabled the Mobile View mode in 'Pagelines > Site Options > Layout Editor' on my website [www.photoreview.fr]. Why Postpin section displays 4 columns on Firefox (on my computer) whereas there are 3 columns on Safari iApp (iPad / iPhone)? How to fixed it (I would like to see 4 columns on mobile devices)?

Thank you for your kind help!


www.photoreview.fr | www.kankei.fr

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Hi Jean-Philippe,

1. There is currently an option as far as I am aware. However, you can add this to our Ideas and Feedback forum.

2. The image below is your website from both FireFox and Safari (Latest version on OSX) and there are four columns on both.

FireFox - http://d.pr/i/a6Ei

Safari - http://d.pr/i/Mr6y

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thank you for your answer Danny.

  1. I'll check again all the options otherwise I will add my request to the Ideas and Feedback forum.
  2. Actually, as I said i previously, I would like 4 columns on mobile devices

www.photoreview.fr | www.kankei.fr

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AH OK, I missed that part!

1. Login to your Wordpress Admin Dashboard

2. Go to Site Options > Layout Editor

3. Choose the following options:

  • Static with Pixel Width
  • Fixed-Width Mode
  • Disable Mobile View

4. If you view your site now, it should no longer be responsive and the PostPins section should have 4 columns regardless of what device you view your site on.

I checked this on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, FireFox and on my iPhone 5 and they all display 4 columns.

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Please search our forums, before posting!

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The topic was marked as resolved.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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