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Brandnav Depth

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Okay, so I've read through threads and haven't seen any answers yet, so here's my attempt.

I am trying to increase the number of submenus in my Brandnav. Here's the steps I have taken:

1. Copied -> \wp-content\themes\PageLines\sections\BrandNav

2. Pasted -> \wp-content\plugins\PageLines-Customize\BrandNav

3. Edited -> \wp-content\plugins\PageLines-Customize\BrandNav\Sections.PHP

4. Changed -> depth => 3 to depth =>4

My menu doesn't display anything deeper than it previously did.

Can someone please help?


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I have just followed the same steps and my BrandNav menu has a depth of 4, see image.


Please bear in mind that I had to float the BrandNav menu to the left so you could see the full depth of drop downs. Also, why do you want such a depth, anything more than 3 is really annoying to navigate and in my opinion looks really bad.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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What is annoying is a matter of opinion. Whether I agree or disagree, it's my content manager's decision.

In any case, it's still not working.

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Its not working as you have added your child BrandNav section to the wrong location. You have added to the PageLines Customisation plugin, if you wish to create a child section and are not using a child theme, then you add the child section to:


Once there, make the depth changes again and it should override.

Regarding my annoying comment, what I was referring to was that if your menu item names are longer than ten words (for example) your drop down menu's are going to be overflowing on your site.

As this is a customisation, we will not be able to provide support if you choose to make this change. Any CSS issues, you will need to address yourself.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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