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Overide Site Options in child theme?

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I see config file for Site Options


Is there a way to overide or add more fields to Site Options from child theme (by NOT touch Pagelines core file)?


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Yes, there are filters which allow you to add in your own option tabs, or modify others. That level of customization is probably outside of the scope of this forum though :)

Unfortunately, at the time there really aren't good (read: any) developer docs for the option api. The best thing you can do is just start digging into the code and figuring it out!

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Thanks Evan

I just dig into code and figure myself :)

Here some example for who might need. Put it in child theme functions.php

function custom_header_footer ($default) {

$a = array(

'page_background_image_2' => array(

'title' => __( 'Site Background Image (Optional)', 'pagelines' ),

'shortexp' => __( 'Setup a background image for the background of your site', 'pagelines' ),

'exp' => __( 'Use this option to apply a background image to your site. This option will be applied to different areas depending on the design mode you have set.<br/><br/><strong>Positioning</strong> Use percentages to position the images, 0% corresponds to the <strong>top</strong> or <strong>left</strong> side, 50% to center, etc..', 'pagelines' ),

'type' => 'background_image',

'selectors' => cssgroup('page_background_image')



return array_merge($default, $a);


$default = new PageLinesOptionsArray();

add_filter('pagelines_options_header_footer', 'custom_header_footer', 20, 1);

apply_filters('pagelines_options_header_footer', $default->options);

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The topic was marked as resolved.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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