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quickslider problem

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I'm new to all this - and I have searched the forum and wiki already.

What size images will be displayed properly in the quickslider? Do I edit the photo's before I upload them, or will it be easier to do it once I've uploaded them....because right now I have all sorts of crazy going on.

Thank you!

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Hi uranus

I think it's best to adjust the size before uploading.

You can upload them to the width you will have the quick slider on your website and is better than it weighs no more than 100Kb (or less) to make it load faster.

I do so in this way.


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Like batman said, they should be edited first, but if you don't want any weird stuff going on there it's best to make them all the same size.

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But WHAT size is correct for the Quickslider....i've edited a whole new crop of photo's so that they are the same size (at least width wise)....and they're still crazy big.

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The correct size is any size you like, but you need to make sure that all the images used are have the same dimensions. This doesn't mean the same width but both width and height.

If all the images have the same width and height, then no odd things will happen. Alternatively, If you do not like the functionality of the Quick Slider, use either the Feature Slider section or the Carousel shortcode.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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