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Jigoshop for Pagelines Broken. Can't add items to cart.

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If you look at the website www.kneelandmercado.com you'll see that I cannot add items to the cart.

What do I do? Is this a cookies problem? Or permissions?

When I first started building the site, I added 1 product and successfully made a purchase. I don't know what has changed.

I changed the settings to force users to the cart when they add a product. that worked sorta, but when i go to checkout, it says cart empty.

I updated to the latest jigoshop, and am running current wordpress and pagelines framework as well. I disabled all plugins and it still didn't work. Here's system info from Jigoshop.

### Begin System Info ###

Multi-site: No

SITE_URL: http://kneelandmercado.com'>http://kneelandmercado.com

HOME_URL: http://kneelandmercado.com'>http://kneelandmercado.com

Jigoshop Version: 1.4.1

WordPress Version: 3.4.2

Platform: Apple

Browser Name: Chrome

Browser Version: 21.0.1180.89

User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Ma

c OS X 10_6_8) AppleWebKit/537.1

(KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/21.0

.1180.89 Safari/537.1

PHP Version: 5.3.13

MySQL Version: 5.5.21-log

Web Server Info: Apache

PHP Memory Limit: 64M

PHP Post Max Size: 8M

WP_DEBUG: Disabled

WP Table Prefix: Length: 5 Status: Acceptable

Show On Front: page

Page On Front: 2

Page For Posts: 105

Session: Enabled

Session Name: PHPSESSID

Cookie Path: /

Save Path: /tmp

Use Cookies: On

Use Only Cookies: On



WordPress Memory Limit: 32MB



FSOCKOPEN: Your server supports fsockopen.


Better WP Security: 3.4.4

Contact Form 7: 3.3

Jigoshop: 1.4.1

Jigoshop for PageLines: 1.4.7

Jigoshop UPS Shipping Method: 1.0.6

Pagelines Customize: 1.1.1

Pagelines Sections: 1.0

Regenerate Thumbnails: 2.2.3

Shadowbox JS:

Ultimate Coming Soon Page: 1.5.2

Wordfence Security: 3.2.7


PageLines Framework: 2.3

### End System Info ###

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Yes, setup Jigoshop according to the directions on that page, 100%. Nothing has been updated, except installing latest wordpress, framework and jigoshop. The theme, plugin and wordpress are all up to date.

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Can you please disable all non-PageLines plugins except for JigoShop, can you add items to your cart now ?

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Please search our forums, before posting!

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Danny, it turns out you are right. Shadowbox JS is at least 1 plugin that's disrupting the cart. I'm trying to at least restore the security plugins while keeping the site working. Thank you!

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I don't recall installing Shadowbox JS, was it bundled with Jigoshop or Pagelines?

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Danny, my mistake, it's still not working properly.

The products now stay in cart, but when I try to checkout, as soon as I start entering my phone number in the billing information form, POOF! The cart empties and I get the error:

"Sorry, your session has expired."

Jigoshop's business model seems to rely on limiting support of their product only to those who pay a hefty one time fee or a reasonable monthly service charge to gain access to a private "Premium" support area. Doesn't this create a disincentive to solve bugs and issues in an open forum where the most possible minds can contribute to solving common problems? I know this is cynical, but with that business model, it's in their economic interest to have poor documentation, and perhaps include a few "glitches" that require the use of a premium support section to get the system working. I don't think that's what they're doing, but I would much rather pay a for their product, like I do with Pagelines, and get a kick ass product with solid support. I went with Jigoshop because Pagelines was standing behind them as a solid ecommerce solution. From the looks of it, this is true, but a recurring glitch that has affected multiple users without a documented solution is disappointing to say the least. From the looks of the forums, this problem has come up a few times before, yet the docs don't mention it. FAQ falls short IMO.

Pagelines staff was chiming in with help within hours of my post. Jigoshop has yet to address my posts, and I paid for premium support. Really hoping I can get this sorted out within the next 48 hours.

At this point I'm all in, so fingers crossed I can get the help I need to get this working in the next 48 hours.

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This isn't something we can assist you with unfortunately, this is most certainly an issue with JigoShop and not related to PageLines. Therefore, the best course of action would be to contact their support again and inform them of the issue you're having.

All the PageLines/JigoShop plugin does, is styles JigoShop to match PageLines, it doesn't touch the JigoShop code.

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Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks Danny. I appreciate the excellent support I get from Pagelines. Jigoshop support is finally ramping up so I am hopeful I can get this site launched in time.

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not related to this, but since you're asking ;)

i'd like to vote for a pagelines navigation centering option in the next upgrade. see my haphazard use of left margin to make it sorta work here:


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Hi, you may want to try our NavBar instead of Nav Classic, as this has an automated centering option.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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          ### Begin System Info ###

          Multi-site:               No

          SITE_URL:                 http://www.thegrasshoppertoys.be
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          Jigoshop Version:         1.11.9
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          Platform:                 Apple
          Browser Name:             Firefox  
          Browser Version:          32.0
          User Agent String:        Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Ma
                                        c OS X 10.6; rv:32.0) Gecko/2010
                                        0101 Firefox/32.0
          PHP Version:              5.3.28
          MySQL Version:            5.5.38
          Web Server Info:          Apache

          eAccelerator:             Disabled
          APC:                      Disabled
          OpCache:                  Disabled

          PHP Memory Limit:         256M
          PHP Post Max Size:        8MB
          PHP Upload Max File Size: 32MB
          Short Open Tag:           Enabled
          Allow URL fopen:          Enabled

          WP_DEBUG:                 Disabled

          WP Table Prefix:          Length: 3 Status: Acceptable

          Show On Front:            page
          Page On Front:            2012
          Page For Posts:           20

          Session:                  Enabled
          Session Name:             PHPSESSID
          Cookie Path:              /
          Save Path:                
          Use Cookies:              On
          Use Only Cookies:         On

          WordPress Memory Limit:   40MB
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          Max Input Vars:           1000
          WP_DEBUG:                 Off
          DISPLAY ERRORS:           On (1)
          FSOCKOPEN:                Supported


          cforms: 14.6
          Installer: 0.7.1
          iThemes Sync: 1.3.5
          Jigoshop: 1.11.9
          JigoShop - Delivery Notes: 1.1
          Jigoshop for PageLines: 1.4.7
          JigoShop Multilingual: 0.9
          Jigoshop Wish List: 1.0.5
          PageLines Googlefonts: 1.5
          Pagelines Sections: 1.0
          Premium Shipping for Jigoshop: 1.3.5
          WPML CMS Nav: 1.4.5
          WPML Media: 2.1.6
          WPML Multilingual CMS:
          WPML Sticky Links: 1.3.5
          WPML String Translation:
          WPML Translation Analytics: 1.0.6
          WPML Translation Management: 1.9.6
          WPML XLIFF: 0.9.6

          CURRENT THEME:

      PageLines Framework: 2.4.5

          ### End System Info ###
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