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Starting problems...

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I just purchased pagelines this morning and tried to start build a layout for my site.

The idea was to convert my existing blog, which is currently running on Twentyten, into a new design which will be good enough for the coming period and in which I can build a database which can be converted into future new designs.

One of the problems is that I can't really run tests, in order to launch the site later. All I did today is done on the blog in pagelines theme and see what I can make of it. And this while visitors will see it, not very good with 1000 visitors a day. The main site is an HTML site, which should also be converted into Wordpress. In other words, the blog, which was an extension for my html site, should be changed in a way that it offers not just the blog and updates of the site, but also contains the data and pages (which will be converted or build to new) from my old HTML site, which I plan to eventually close down.

Switching to the Pagelines theme directly gets me into a few problems: The posts of the blog are only posted halfway with a "read more" link on the end, this way it only shows text no pictures which makes the site look very boring. I have seen this in the twenteeleven theme too (that I use for a few other sites) and that could be resolved by changing the code inside the theme. Looking through paglines options I can not find any setting which makes the posts readable in full effect, a big problem since no one really reads only titles and first lines. How do I alter this?

Another thing is the navigation bar. It looks like Pagelines put a search bar in it, like the twentyeleven theme does as well. It can be altered in that theme to delete it, so I thought it would be possible in this theme too. The enable/disable bar in the settings to make the search bar disappear does not change it or make it go away. The bar is also displaying way too big, with big useless areas of space around the texts. What I had in mind would be the same navigation bar size as in the twentyten page, in this size the texts in the navbar is too wide and it make 2 lines following up, and the search bar screwing up even more. I hoped that there was a choice in color or shape too, I like the navbars which are used on the for example Apple site a lot, and hoped something similar was included. I noticed a grey navbar looking better, but has the same problem with the big spaces around the texts.

One last thing I noticed was that the social media buttons on the top of the site are very limited, there are youtube and twitter buttons but I can't find anything on Tumblr, Myspace, Flickr, share this etc etc. Can this be added manually?

Looking at this it seems I will not be able to convert my site into pagelines anytime soon. I am still enthusiastic though because I really want to work on my site to make it look new and fresh. I hope the forum can get me some answers to start with so I can begin to fiddle this out...

I didn't post a link to my site because it is partly adult, it is a successful site about an adult model, which get's quite some hits daily. People who are not having problems about this can PM me if they want to look at the site in a technical way and see if they can help me out with things looking at the structures.

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1. You can use either excerpts or the full post on your blog. If you wish to change this, simply login to your Wordpress admin dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Blog and Posts and scroll to the following settings "Post Excerpt or Summary Handling" and "Full Post Content". Using these settings, you can set how your posts a displayed on your blog.

2. If hiding the searchbar isn't working, you may well have used the wrong setting. Instead, try logging into your Wordpress admin dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > NavBar, then scroll down until you see "NavBar and Fixed NavBar Configuration Options", which allows you to hide the searchbar. Also if you view the setting "NavBar and Fixed NavBar Theme", you will be able to change the color scheme of the Navbar.

3. To add new share icons to your site would require the use of a hook.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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